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It started with a love story. 

When Leron moved to South Africa for his wife, Auriette, in 2017, he didn’t expect to fall in love with the country. But he did. And the food had a lot to do with it. It was in between exploring the beaches and setting out on safari, that this Australian vegan realised that South Africa’s riches were not only gold, but seriously green, too. 

During his time in Mzanzi, Leron learnt that the land which prides itself on its agriculture, is home to some of the most passionate producers of vegan variety, and it was there that his love of all things green was allowed to grow. 

Now we want that organic Australian-South African love story to continue — for you.

By bringing to Australia the finest artisanal vegan products that the tip of Africa has to share, we want you to not only enjoy the vibrant flavours you are experiencing, but to also know that each bite is nourishing for your body and soul because it was created by local foodmakers with love.

"Join our story."



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Cape Town, South Africa